The Nakomis Dwellings

Designed by world famous architect, Albuquerque resident, Mr. Bart Prince, Nakomis Dwellings is one of his earlier masterpieces.
Nak A Living Room.JPEG

The Cozy Dwelling

Nakomis Dwellings

You'll enjoy stunning mountain views, perfect amenities + decorations sourced from local vendors.

Nak C Kitchen.jpeg

The Vintage Dwelling

Nakomis Dwellings

You'll find all you need in the kitchen to prepare a perfect meal and a large smart television finishes out the living room.

Nak B Living Room.jpg

The Stately Dwelling

Nakomis Dwellings

The Stately Dwelling comes equipped with luxurious sheets, cozy towels and beds you won't want to get out of.


The Farmhouse Dwelling

Nakomis Dwellings

A perfect back patio with table and chairs tops off this space. You'll love your time here!